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I can’t believe that I am sat here once again writing a New Year’s post. Okay, so it’s not technically the New Year yet but in a few hours some of you will already be celebrating 2012 and who knows, I may be asleep by the time we welcome the New Year here inFrance.


A quick read over my past posts from 2010 and 2011 New Years and I am left with a sentiment that maybe I shouldn’t set my expectations so high. In each post I spoke of disappointments and hard times, last year of ill health and of better times in the past.


This year has been awful, let’s face it, aside from the arrival of my gorgeous baby there’s not been much good to report on any front whether it be health, financial or work. Even blogging became tedious as each time I sat down to write I thought of how awful and boring my troubles are and often didn’t bother posting so not to be a bore.


No resolutions only one goal and that is to be the best person that I can be in all that I set out to do.


How have you found 2011 and what are your goals for 2012?


Happy New Year to all from the Piglet Household


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Christmas this year was at our house, I had expressed that I didn’t feel like traveling anyway after having such a rough year and invited both my and Mr Piglet’s family  to come.

A few days before Christmas we enjoyed a couple of day’s snow which unfortunately didn’t last until Christmas Day but it helped set the scene nonetheless.

Winter Wonderland


We even tracked down a Father Christmas for Baby Piglet to give her Christmas list to (and for Mummy to take pictures of her with him) but unfortunately it was all a bit of a let down and we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Father Christmas wouldn’t even put down his umbrella (how will we explain that one?) and kept trying to run away. There was no set up or grotto and he was just perched on a bench in the village.


Father Christmas lost his grotto & wouldn't let go of his brolly

The village drunk had decided to hang out with Father Christmas too and poor Mr Piglet got accosted. Grandma and Grandpa Piglet had a hard time keeping straight faces.

Next year I have made a mental note to go and check out Father Christmas BEFORE taking the whole family to see him.

Christmas Day was a marathon, I’m still not used to how long Christmas dinners go on for inFrancealthough I am more used to it than my poor parents. 10 hours at the dinner table finished them off and they headed off to bed exhausted.


Artistic Looking Dinner Table!

Thankfully it wasn’t too tiring for me as I had asked each couple to look after a course so I only had the main course to deal with and even then Mr Piglet very helpfully took over as he could see the stress building up.

Baby Piglet had a fantastic day, she started opening her Christmas presents at 8am and didn’t finish until she went to bed at 7pm! She played all day and was her usual smiley self but with lots of posing for the camera. She loved the outfit that her English cousin had sent her and was very proud to be wearing it as you can see from this pic:

All in all a good Christmas, different from what we’ve been used to in the past but good nonetheless.


How was your Christmas this year?

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I feel old. My frequent trips to and from the hospital in Lyon for my eye have meant that I’ve spent more time than I dare consider sitting in waiting rooms and hanging about in hospital corridors.


Whilst in the beginning I couldn’t see and Mr Piglet’s comments about how young the Doctors looked fell on deaf ears (I thought he was having a crisis as his birthday was coming up), as I waited on Tuesday, I was astounded by how young these Doctors were!


I cringed inwardly as I watched Converse clad feet, holey jeans and ribbon bracelets parade around in white Doctor coats. Spots, nose piercing and those weird things that make your ear hole get bigger were everywhere. I knew that it was a teaching hospital and automatically assumed that all these kids were just out of high school and on work placements.


But no! Alas! These ugly ducklings were fully fledged Doctors (or ophthalmologists) and were totally qualified to treat me. As I watched the young girl examine my eye and provide notes I felt as if she should be asking her Dad permission to stay out late (it was past 6pm). Thank goodness that there were more senior members on the team too although they only looked about my age. What happens to the older members of staff? Do they evaporate somewhere?


I have another question though – whatever happened to dressing up for work? I know they spend a lot of time on their feet but their clothing hardly looked clean yet alone suitable for a professional person. Maybe times have changed, they obviously have and I am obviously getting old.


I always assumed and was used to being treated by Doctors that were older than me not considerably and noticeably younger than me.


This is going to take some getting used to. I had better start putting plenty of anti-wrinkle cream on.


When was the first time that you felt old?

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