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I absolutely love hot cross buns and Easter without them just isn’t complete. A few years ago I managed to buy some gluten free ones in the English food shop in Lyon but they were a bit crumbly and just weren’t worth the expense.

I’d kind of put hot cross buns behind me, what with Little Miss Piglet and work keeping me extra busy. That was until I watched the Great British Bake Off on BBC last week!

They made the hot cross buns look so easy to make and I was virtually drooling over the television screen. I decided there and then that I was going to make them and two days later I found the recipe and decided to make them during my lunch break!

I don’t know about you but when I look at a recipe I often think to myself “wooah, that’s way too complicate, I’ll never manage”, which is probably what I would have usually thought about the hot cross bun recipe. But this time I didn’t, and I just dove straight in…


After relentless kneeding I made a sausage

After gatherting together all of the ingredients and trying to decide what the closest French equivalent was to some of the items, my dough had risen and I started making the buns. By this time my lunch break had finished and I was on borrowed time!


Ready for the oven

It was a proud moment when the buns were finally ready to go into the over, but also an unsettling one. My oven is temperamental and cooks far too quickly even at low heat.

So, instead of leaving them to cook, I kept a beady eye over them and they only burnt a little bit.

The finished results were delicious and we really enjoyed them as did our French friends with whom we shared them.


A bit burnt but still delicious

If you want to try and make these yourself here is the recipe I followed: Great British Bake Off Hot Cross Bun Recipe. Do let me know how you get on!

Happy Easter!

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I’m lucky in that I speak French fluently but it hasn’t always been the case. I moved to France aged 16 and didn’t speak a word, but the learning process was natural for me and I learned French through not having any choice. If I wanted friends or to be understood by my trainer then I was going to have to speak French. I can remember reading the dictionary for hours on end and phonetically learning how to say each word and then practising.

I know not everybody is in a situation where they can learn and have the opportunity to practise but I personally cannot imagine not being able to communicate.

Have you experienced language barriers where you live? Maybe you have some tips?

I’ve reblogged my Mum’s recent posting about this and her frustrations about not being able to speak Portuguese here:

Is Language a Barrier to Social Integration in Portugal?.

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Recent events at work have caused me to lose faith in humans, total lack of respect and consideration for others and downright selfishness have made me wonder even more about the world we live in.

However, I am so thrilled to have participated in a natural act of kindness and forgiveness that I am somewhat more convinced that decent folk do exist.

This morning, Little Piglet, now nearly 23 months, was unfortunately scratched by our cat Princess. LP was very upset and suffered a superficial wound to her forehead.

This evening, LP was clingy and upset

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