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I know, I know! Photo is spelt with a “ph” and not an “f” but I thought I’d get away with as I’d recently read that spelling things like photo and elephant with an “f” in France is now acceptable… Personally, I find this disgraceful, how can you accept different spellings just because people do not learn the correct way to spell? In this case however, it’s practical for me as Friday Foto is better than Friday Photo… anyway…

I’ve not posted much recently as I’ve been on bed rest with the pregnancy, had a really bad back and just generally tired so typing blog posts or surfing the net has been very hard work. This text is a preface but from now and the next few months Friday’s will be dedicated to photos.

So to sum up my week in photos:

Baby Bunp: it is getting bigger and so am I! Next ultrasound is 28th February and we can’t wait!

Boxes, boxes and boxes: my life is almost all packed up in removal boxes ready to go. The big removal day was delayed (thankfully) and will now take place next Tuesday!

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