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Urge to Shop

I feel like doing some clothes shopping now that I’ve dropped a few kilos. Yes, I have loads of too small clothes already but feel like spending some hard earned Euros after a frightfully busy work week. Where to start? My favourite site Vente Privée is closed for summer, Achat VIP has nothing left of interest and I haven’t a clue what size I am on the other sites. Next deliver to France now, so maybe worth flashing the cash there?

Maybe I’ll hit the local shops tomorrow, will have to convince Hubby to come with me as really don’t fancy going it alone – we’ve hardly seen each other all week. Hmmm, if only I knew when my trip to England was going to be and I could get rid of this urge knowing that I’ll spend spend spend whilst I’m there! Why England? Well, French shoe shops don’t seem to stock many size 7 shoes!!!!!

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