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I don’t watch French television very much as I can’t stand the silly voices they use for the dubbing and they are so behind on everything I watch its just not possible! Not to mention that when a programme is popular (such as Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy) they will play two or even three episodes in one evening meaning you’d have to stay awake until midnight at least watching them all. Or they put a great show on at teatime (was the case for Brothers and Sisters and then didn’t even show the end of the first season as no-one watched it!). I should also mention that I’m useless with technology and have great difficulty trying to work the Freebox remote control and system but that’s a different story…

My reasoning’s were confirmed yet again when I heard what TF1 had done to the new serial The Mentalist. I have no idea what the serial is, but an article on Closer.fr (yes, I know!) made my sides crack as I read that the new show was supposed to be the saviour for TF1 now that Grey’s Anatomy is finished. Great! Good for them.

So, they probably had half of France tuned in to watch the first few episodes and the idiots didn’t even play them in order! Apparently they are playing all the episodes out of synch so that people can see the best episodes first. What is the point? Week one was episodes 1, 5 and 7, week two will be 4, 14 and 3 etc. Why bother broadcasting a show if you’re not going to broadcast the episodes in the order they were written? Do they not understand that episodes a written in an order and therefore it is helpful if people watch them in the right order?

I don’t know about you but I’m totally baffled. Maybe it’s a French thing?

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