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On Monday I turned 30. It was a day that I had been dreading for the last year and yet it came and went so quickly with no major events. No sudden wrinkles, no new aches and pains and no  teeth dropping out. Relief.

In fact the day itself was very pleasant. I had the pleasure of my Mum and Dad’s company for the first time in 9 years, I enjoyed a 2 hour relaxing massage and a lovely Thai meal in the evening, not to mention lots of presents and cards!

And yet, I still cannot believe that I am 30. For me 30 has always been grown up and well on its way to being old. I thought I would be in a different place at age 30 but I’m not and I realize now that there are a lot of things I didn’t achieve whilst I was in my twenties.

Of course I know that 30 is not old, nor is 40. In fact I believe that you’re only as old as you feel but it does feel like a race is on – the race of life and that I’d better get a move on. Why do I feel like this? Is it society’s pressure to be eternally young?

How about you? What age made you feel as if the race was on, or is this something you’ve not experienced?

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