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So just what does happen to a city Piglet when she’s in the country? Not turning into food, that’s for sure!

Apart from the obvious fact that Baby Piglet has been growing up and been taking up a lot of my free time and that I have returned to work, which takes up all of my day time and most of my energy, we have been slowly adapting to country life.

First of all, the creepy crawlies and all things icky.

I can’t think of one fun “countryside” activity I have partaken in that hasn’t ended up in me running away, hiding from or being bitten by an insect. They seem to be everywhere. I didn’t know I’d have room mates here and whilst I’m trying to adapt and get used to them sometimes it’s just too much.

Spidered In

The Spider

The morning I got up early and decided to make a hearty breakfast, Baby Piglet and I ended up camped out in the kitchen, hiding away from the biggest, scariest spider I’d ever seen. It was seriously huge and I didn’t even need to zoom in on it to take a picture with my phone.

The spider was hanging out at the bottom of the stairs and there was no way I could get back upstairs without going passed it. And do you know how it feels to have a spider looking at you? There was no way I could put Baby Piglet back to bed or wake up Mr Piglet to get him to rescue me.

A route around the kitchen proved useless, I had no spider killer stuff, just pots and pans and a pair of Mr Piglet’s shoes. With some courage from Twitter tweeps and a desperate desire to escape the kitchen

Eventually I plucked up enough courage to hit it really hard with a shoe. A huge wack and it was gone… now was not a time to gently try and get the spider to go outside. Phew!

Punished by a wasp
What’s the best way to be put off eating sugary things or going on fridge raids? Wasps! I tell you, they are the best repellent possible. Last week I helped my self to a mid afternoon snack of apple crumble and on my way to clear the dish away I inadvertently squashed a wasp in my hand whilst picking the dish up. The pain! It took two days for the pain from the sting to go away. Not something I will be repeating in a hurry.

Watch those sleeves!
You would think picking up walnuts from the ground is a fairly harmless activity, right? I mean, what is the worst that could happen? A walnut could drop off the tree in hit you on the head? It wouldn’t exactly make you unconscious now would it? Wrong! Well, not about the walnut falling off the tree, I wouldn’t know about that (and I’m certainly not volunteering to test it).

After a great session and a cardboard box full of nuts, my arm starting itching. Really itching. A look at my arm showed the end of a creepy, hairy (not in the cuddly toy sense) caterpillar sticking out of my sleeve. Urk! I literally ripped off my clothes to get rid of the hairy thing, all whilst shrieking. Mr Piglet wondered what on Earth was wrong with me, I was like a spinning top trying to get my clothes off at the same time, pretty fun to watch I can imagine. He didn’t get to see the caterpillar and I think he thought I’d gone mad until we came inside and my arm was covered in a horrible itchy rash! Yuck!

Not the caterpillar that was up my sleeve (that one was far bigger) but another one I saw in the garden a few weeks ago

What creepy crawlies creep you out and what else should I watch out for?

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