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Happy Halloween

I’ve seen quite a few blog posts about Halloween today and have come over feeling nostalgic and sad that we won’t be having a party. I love Halloween (okay, I love any excuse for a party) so I will miss not having a party this year and none of the French people I know really go into Halloween so I don’t have any invites to parties either.

It’s rather a case if I want to “do” Halloween, it’s me that has to throw the party. I guess next year will be a childrens party so not quite the same (the goriness will need to be toned down). I have learned that for some people Halloween isn’t all about scary costumes and witches and what not, but more about fancy dress. This has got me wondering why? Is it cultural, does it depend where you grew up? In the UK Halloween was all about the ghouls for me and even now anything scary is good for Halloween.

I may make the effort to try and find some of our old decorations and put a few bits outside just in case there are any trick or treaters but I would be very surprised if there were! In the meantime, here are some pics from one of our previous parties, Happy Halloween!

Mr Piglet will need to tone it down

Butchers Wall


More spookiness

And to think I couldn't even buy a pumpkin this year!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Booze

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