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I can’t believe that I am sat here once again writing a New Year’s post. Okay, so it’s not technically the New Year yet but in a few hours some of you will already be celebrating 2012 and who knows, I may be asleep by the time we welcome the New Year here inFrance.


A quick read over my past posts from 2010 and 2011 New Years and I am left with a sentiment that maybe I shouldn’t set my expectations so high. In each post I spoke of disappointments and hard times, last year of ill health and of better times in the past.


This year has been awful, let’s face it, aside from the arrival of my gorgeous baby there’s not been much good to report on any front whether it be health, financial or work. Even blogging became tedious as each time I sat down to write I thought of how awful and boring my troubles are and often didn’t bother posting so not to be a bore.


No resolutions only one goal and that is to be the best person that I can be in all that I set out to do.


How have you found 2011 and what are your goals for 2012?


Happy New Year to all from the Piglet Household



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