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The day has finally come – move in day! We’ll soon be setting off, Baby Piglet, Mr Piglet, our two cats and me. Leaving the in laws house empty of our mess after over 3 months of living with them. We’ll be a small procession of vehicles: a large 23 m3 van, our car with me and Baby Piglet and my in laws. Yes, they’re coming too as I still can’t drive or do much so we need their help.

I’m still amazed by the amount of stuff I have bought since I left Lyon on 22nd Feb. We struggled to get everything in and I spent the last few hours praying that Mr Piglet wouldn’t come and tell me there was no room left.

Finally everything is ready and we’re off to finally start our new life in the country. Its not without nostalgia though. We’ve been through such a tough time and it’s only thanks to my in laws that I was able to leave hospital.

We’ll miss having my Mother in Law on hand to bombard with questions: is this normal? How do I…? Her knowledge has been gained from years working with babies in a creche has been indispensable as Mr Piglet and I tried to find our way around parenthood. Its going to be like coming home from the hospital all over again.

I still can’t believe this day has finally arrived. It seems surreal.

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