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Chez nous

Chez nous

Moving day was interesting.

The old owners were still moving out. They were supposed to have given us the keys on Wednesday but weren’t ready. They had a wardrobe to move still which took them 4 hours to dismantle and take out. It wasn’t a big wardrobe either. Words failed me but I no longer care so I watched on amused. No wonder they weren’t ready to move on time – they had made a simple job super complicated!

A few things have stood out for me since we arrived:

  • 1. There are cows (brown and white ones, not Milka ones unfortunately) at the end of the garden.
  • 2. The postman honks when he gets here and then stays in his car. I wondered what on earth was going on this morning.
  • 3. Its cooler inside the house than it is outside, we all need to wear an extra layer, Baby Piglet included! I had been told to expect this but found it hard to imagine. The house is made of pise which in its brut state to me looks like weetabix. Its a traditional building material for old farm houses in these parts and keeps the warm in in the winter and out in the summer. Clever stuff!
  • 4. Storms here are much scarier than in the city.
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