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If you’re female and in France right now, the likelihood is that you’re breaking the law as you’re reading this. Not because my blog is illegal but because you’re wearing something illegal.

Whilst the Burqa hasn’t as yet been outlawed, women wearing trousers has and has been for a long time now.

Due to an archaic law dating back to 1800 women wishing to dress as men (this is wear the trouser wearing part comes in) are supposed to request authorization from the police first. A later amendment to the law allowed women to wear trousers if holding horses’ reins and then a further amendment was made for those riding a bike. Technically, if you’re not carrying out any of the aforementioned activities you’re in illegal territory.

The icing on the cake has to be that even as recently as 2003 when a request was made to the French Equality minister for the law to be changed, they won’t do it. So much for a country which tries to promote gender equality!

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