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Blooming Berries!

All the recent rain has done wonders for my garden. Sitting in it now, it looks like a pot jungle – all my flowers have taken and are doing wonderfully. A true array of pinks, reds and whites dotted around the garden in terracotta (or whatever I could find) pots, not to mention the blues of the forget-me-nots.

I think some of the success is due to Hubby’s installation of an automatic watering system. Certainly it rained a lot (and I mean a lot!) before we left for our holiday, but I believe last week was quite dry and yet the garden is thriving without me watching over it.

My strawberries are doing wonderfully. I truly didn’t expect to be able to eat them yet – when I left they were so tiny and white and now they are great big bright red, ripe berries beckoning me over to eat them! Yummy!



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