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I watched this door so long I fell asleep!

What a week! I haven’t been so intrigued by what’s going on in the UK for a long, long time. I’ve felt more British than in years this week and rather nostalgic that I was missing out on all the fun.

Despite regularly watching the news, first of all I missed the election results; ‘A Hung Parliament’ I was told,
‘yes’, I thought, ‘I would rather like them all to be hung.’

Then I missed Gordon Brown resigning (after watching the TV for ages I was so bored watching the black door of Number 10 that my eyes shut) and then the Cameron-Clegg combination being agreed (too busy working this time). Oh well, I was obviously not meant to partake more than that, serves me right for living in France! Not that any of it really matters to me anyway, we’ll probably be voting again in less than a year.

I didn’t manage to miss two stories that would further confirm the circus politics and electoral saga in the UK:

1) Boy 14 voted – investigated by police. Yes, the incompetent people organizing the voting not only didn’t know whether to let people vote or not, but they also let a child vote!

2) Councillor looses seat by draw of a card. A Tory former councillor lost his seat to a Labour opponent after they obtained an equal number of votes and the winner was decided by drawing a playing card… the highest number wins. WHAT? Maybe this is democratic but it seems absolutely mental to me.

Doesn’t the political voting system seem more logical in France somehow? I honestly never thought I would even think yet alone say out loud such a thing but the events of the past week have changed my mind!

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